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LDRLY (Pronounced Leaderly) Games is a kick-ass mobile game development studio virtually based in the Vancouver Island, BC area that produces original & licensed IP mobile games available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

We are the creators of the world’s most popular cannabis themed mobile game franchise “Bud Farm” that is played by over 40 million (and counting) people around the world each year.

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If you have a @netflix subscription, don’t sleep on the service’s... games (including @DragonUpGame).

https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/netflix-mobile-gaming-library-2022/ via @DigitalTrends

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He can be headstrong, but he's also a very competent officer, and ...clearly a skilled pilot - and his card could be yours this week!

Finish on top of the leaderboard this mini event to win Tom Paris! #StarTrek

Thank you @RebeccaKaplan6 for shining a light on Badgey's backstory ...as he returns to the Cerritos to torment the team in @LowerDecksGame.

https://movieweb.com/badgey-returns-in-star-trek-lower-decks-the-badgey-directive/ via @movieweb

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"Trekkies around the world will love this game. Players can expect ...the same dry humor that the popular sci-fi animated franchise is famous for."
Read more 👉 https://buff.ly/3fdCxf7

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