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LDRLY (Pronounced Leaderly) Games is a kick-ass mobile game development studio virtually based in the Vancouver Island, BC area that produces original & licensed IP mobile games available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

We are the creators of the world’s most popular cannabis themed mobile game franchise “Bud Farm” that is played by over 40 million (and counting) people around the world each year.

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East Side Games Group (ESGG) today announced the worldwide release of... Doctor Who: Lost In Time (@DoctorWhoMobile), a mobile game available on iOS and Android, in partnership with BBC Studios.


East Side Games Group Reports Third Quarter 2022 Financial Results: ...https://eastsidegamesgroup.com/east-side-games-group-reports-third-quarter-2022-financial-results/ $EAGR.TO $EAGRF #mobilegaming

Big, fast and fun: The future of mobile gaming https://vz.to/3SAckGr ...via @verizon

#mobilegaming $EAGR.TO $EAGRF #gamedev #gamingnews #games

Our latest #research shows that Gen Alpha and Gen Z spend ...significantly more time playing than any other generations! ⏳ And they play more on their mobile phone than PC and console. 📱🎮

📊 Learn how #GenAlpha & #GenZ engage with games: https://hubs.ly/Q01nZyPT0

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